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INFOConnect Terminal Emulation for Unisys and Airlines

Mainframe Terminal Emulation

Attachmate's Unisys and Airlines products include the terminal emulation brand INFOConnect. INFOConnect products deliver secure, productivity-focused access to multiple hosts. For Airlines customers, the INFOConnect product line also includes flexible print delivery software and a secure gateway for connecting to multiple GDS systems.

INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Unisys

Attachmate INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Unisys is a T27 and UTS emulator that helps extend the value of Unisys mainframe applications and accelerate employee productivity, reducing costs enterprise-wide. INFOConnect is compatible with Windows 7, certified for Windows Vista, and is Microsoft Windows XP SP3 compliant.

INFOConnect Enterprise Edition for Airlines

Airlines Terminal Emulation

With the ability to communicate over multiple protocols and access any major customer reservation system (CRS), INFOConnect terminal emulation is ideal for the airline and travel industry. It delivers rock-solid access to multiple hosts—TPF, Unisys, and IBM—from a single integrated desktop application, and significantly increases productivity and performance. Compatible with Windows 7, certified for Windows Vista, and designed for Windows XP, INFOConnect securely connects users to TPF/ALCS, IBM System z (mainframe), System i (AS/400), and UNIX/VMS systems.

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