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Managed File Transfer: Reflection and FileXpress

Turn File Transfer into an IT Asset

Managed file transfer technology is the answer to today’s toughest file transfer problems. More files. Bigger files. Internet travel. Stringent regulations. Dwindling budgets. With the managed file transfer solutions from Attachmate, you can overcome all these obstacles. 

With Attachmate FileXpress and Reflection for Secure IT, you can meet your modern file transfer challenges head on. 


What Managed File Transfer Can Do

File transfer has evolved over the last decade—from traditional FTP, to secure file transfer with encrypted protocols and multi-factor authentication, to modern managed file transfer with automated, reliable, secure, and monitored delivery. Is it time to update your existing solution?

Capabilities Traditional FTP Secure File Transfer Managed File Transfer
Basic file transfer X X X
Scripting and APIs X X X
Data conversion (text / binary) X X X
Simple remote commands X X X
Data encryption   X X
Advanced authentication   X X
Error recovery     X
Event-driven transfers     X
Simplified scripting     X
Automation via web services     X
Detailed auditing     X
Reporting     X
Files of any size     X
Protocol conversion     X
Alerting     X


MFT Educational Resources

Customer Story

Customer Story

Hastings Direct Deploys FileXpress
Learn how insurance broker Hastings Direct grew B2B file transfers, strengthened security, and saved about £500K per year with Attachmate FileXpress.

Whiteboard Video


Besieged by File Transfer Demands?
This video shows how Attachmate FileXpress software enables partner-friendly file exchanges of any size with centralized support for multiple platforms, protocols, and security standards.

Osterman Research Report


Making File Transfer Easier, Compliant and More Secure
This report highlights the need for finding an alternative to email for user-driven file transfers and offers tips for selecting the right solution.

Realtime Publishers Essential Series


Controlling Costs, Improving Compliance, and Streamlining Integration with Managed File Transfer
This three-article series explains how managed file transfer supports innovative ways of working with your data resources.

Realtime Publishers Shortcut Guide


Eliminating Insecure and Unreliable File Transfer Methods
This four-chapter guide examines how common file transfer practices undermine the efficiency and security of business operations.

Bank Security Podcast

Play Audio

How to Secure FTP
Bank leaders from M&T Bank and Wells Fargo, along with security experts from Attachmate, offer strategies for dealing with FTP's shortfalls.


Attachmate Managed File Transfer Products

Product Line Products Included
FileXpress managed file transfer software is more than a simple file transfer utility. It’s a strategic enterprise solution that manages and executes the secure delivery of any-size files, across all major platforms, to any location. 
FileXpress Platform Server
FileXpress Internet Server
FileXpress Command Center
FileXpress FileShot
Reflection for Secure IT
Reflection for Secure IT managed file transfer clients and servers use SSH to secure Internet file transfers, remote system administration, and TCP/IP-based application access.
Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition
Reflection for Secure IT Client for Windows
Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows
Reflection for Secure IT Client for UNIX
Reflection for Secure IT Server for UNIX


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