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Service Oriented Architecture
Don’t leave your legacy applications behind!

If you want to get the most from your service oriented architecture, you must include the core applications that actually run your business. So if you’ve been side-stepping certain mainframe applications because they’re “stuck in a box,” you’ll want to explore this solution portal. It offers a variety of resources to help you unlock your legacy applications, service enable them, and reuse them with emerging technologies including SOA applications.

Attachmate can help you modernize your legacy assets without breaking your established business processes or your budget. That means core enterprise applications can participate in your service oriented architecture and in specific business-driven realms — like the burgeoning world of mobile devices.

Why Attachmate?

Because Attachmate has been solving tough mainframe problems for more than 31 years, the legacy modernization challenge is tailor-made for our proficiency and experience. And we are proving conclusively that legacy systems are not as “locked up” as commonly believed.

Imagine: What if you could …

  • Provide access to enterprise data via custom applications for your mobile workforce?
  • Respond to changing business needs without risk to your present IT systems?
  • Remove legacy impediments to doing business in the cloud?
  • Continuously reuse enterprise applications, however and whenever needed, without disturbing legacy logic?
  • Have a modernization option for applications that do not justify the time or expense of a full message enabled infrastructure? 

At Attachmate, we know that a fully integrated services oriented architecture is the best path to any of those goals. And with Attachmate Verastream solutions, your legacy applications can contribute to your SOA in the way you need them to.

Verastream: Your Answer to Business-Driven Service Enablement

The advanced Verastream technology is built for rapid legacy modernization. It uses a low-risk method of wrapping  your application components as services so newer technologies can plug into them. And with Verastream, you can get results without making your modernization project bigger than your driving business requirement. Below is the conceptual ‘recipe’ for rapid service enablement.

conceptual ‘recipe’ for rapid service enablement


Four-Minute Video on Service Enablement


Teaching Legacy Application Elephants How to Dance
Shows how you can continuously reuse enterprise apps, however and whenever needed, while leaving legacy logic untouched.

Case Study

Case Stydy

Cable Service Company Improves Performance by 5x
Shows service-enablement process that streamlined mainframe-based workflows and made transaction processing five times faster for this company.

Six-Minute Demo

Product Demo

Attachmate Verastream Host Integrator
Walks you through the steps used by Verastream to encapsulate mainframe data and logic for participation in SOA.

Five-Minute Demo

Product Demo

Attachmate Verastream Process Designer
Demonstrates how Verastream Process Designer orchestrates legacy services using BPEL, to create enterprise-rich applications.


The resources below offer timely information on your path to service oriented architecture.

Technology Solutions
Verastream Host Integrator
Encapsulates data and logic via the screen interface to transform your enterprise host applications into SOA assets.
Verastream Bridge Integrator
Provides a distributed approach—requiring no embedded code—for including CICS applications in your SOA.
Verastream Process Designer
Lets you orchestrate your services to create new business workflows, in ways you never could before.

Quick Demos
Three-minute demo on mobile enablement of legacy applications
Six-minute demo on legacy service enablement
Five-Minute demo on legacy service orchestration

Load Distribution and Failover
An engineer’s view of using server domains and load distribution.
Service Enablement
Overview of ways to create services for continuous reuse of legacy applications.
Web Enablement
Overview of ways to present a simplified UI for legacy applications.
Mobile Enablement
Presentation of three ways to deliver legacy applications to mobile devices.

Solution Briefs & White Papers 
Service Enablement and Beyond: How Verastream Legacy Modernization Solutions Can Get You There
Mobile-Enabling Your Workforce With Applications You Already Have
A Business-Driven Approach to Legacy Modernization: Rapid service enablement via small, orchestrated steps
Fundamentals of Service Orientation
Turning Financial Mainframe Applications into SOA Building Blocks
Zero-Footprint Terminal Emulation for Mobile Devices: How Verastream Excels with a Modern Three-Tier Approach
More solution briefs & white papers

SOA Webcasts
Service-Enabling Legacy Applications: Where to Start
Extending Legacy to SOA
Turning Mainframe Banking and Insurance Applications Into SOA Building Blocks 
More webcasts

Real Time Publishers eSeries
Cloud Enabling Legacy and Mainframe Applications
Find out how to make your legacy apps the back end to your own cloud.
SOA and Mainframe Applications
Learn best practices for reusing existing data and logic with newer technologies.
Mainframe Application Modernization
Get tips and techniques for speeding up service-enablement of valuable legacy assets.
Customer Stories Summary
San Bernardino (Calif.) County Streamlined traffic-ticket processing by automating data entry into master green-screen application.
Providence Hospital Modernized, integrated, and accelerated access to patient data stored on mainframes and AS/400s.
Freightliner Extracted shipping data from mainframe application to provide real-time online tracking information.
Century-National Insurance Service-enabled HP-based applications to give brokers and agents a customized web application.
More customer stories


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