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Attachmate products have always evolved in step with new versions of Microsoft Windows, and Windows 7 is no exception. When it comes to smooth operations with Windows 7, here’s what you can expect from our next-gen terminal emulators:

What About Windows 8.1?

Attachmate has solutions that have earned the Windows 8 Compatible logo. Learn more.

  • Seamless interactions with Windows 7, backed by the Compatible with Windows 7 logo. The logo shows that Attachmate Reflection 2014, EXTRA!, and INFOConnect emulators have passed Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7.

  • Enhanced user productivity with support for intuitive Windows 7 features like Jumplists, Federated Search, and the new Taskbar, which makes accessing documents faster and easier. Reflection 2014 even offers its own implementation of the Ribbon interface, which can be customized to meet changing workflow needs.

  • Stronger desktop security with support for Windows User Account Control, Privacy Filters, Trusted Locations, and Windows Error Reporting.

Attachmate is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, which means our developers speak directly and frequently with Microsoft developers. Our goal: to ensure that you maximize your valuable host assets while taking full advantage of new Microsoft technology.

Windows 7 Compatible

Attachmate Products Compatible with Windows 7


Attachmate Products Supported on Windows 7

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Attachmate Maintenance Customers

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