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On-Site Consulting

Helping you maximize your IT resources

Our expertise in host access and emerging technologies makes a big difference when it comes to your project success. With Attachmate Consulting Services, you get the peace of mind, resource savings, and return on investment that you need—on time and on budget.


Ever-changing technologies and customer demands can put a strain on your IT resources. That’s why it’s so important to get the most out of your existing systems and assets. Whether you want to standardize on one terminal emulator, modernize your legacy assets, or customize your emulation solution so that it meets your specific business needs, Attachmate Consulting Services has the specialized tools and training to help you keep pace with your evolving enterprise.

Attachmate Consulting brings in-depth expertise with servers, custom applications, operating systems, networks, and all of your host systems. We can help in key areas such as:

Product Implementation

  • Accelerate your timeline to get up and running fast.
  • Audit existing system and processes to ensure the best possible compatibility and functionality.
  • Manage migrations, installation, and configuration of Attachmate products so that they are optimized for your unique computing environment.

Enterprise Security, Privacy, and Compliance

  • Conduct risk assessments, audits, and gap analysis.
  • Develop custom reports and analytics to support your critical business operations.
  • Respond to changes in your environment such as new regulations or emerging threats.

Host Integration and Modernization

  • Extend legacy functionality to new users or composite applications, all while maintaining the security and integrity of your data.
  • Integrate your line-of-business web applications with your legacy host applications.
  • Improve the workflows of your legacy applications.

Managed File Transfer

  • Assess the business and operational risks and opportunities associated with your current file transfer process and infrastructure.
  • Deploy an enterprise file transfer solution that manages and executes the secure delivery of any-size files, across all major platforms, to any location.

Custom Software Development

  • Create entirely new composite applications without changing the underlying enterprise application(s).
  • Craft customized solutions that capture, encapsulate, and develop new business logic using applications or multiple data sources.
  • Start from scratch and either rewrite or craft entirely new applications depending upon your specific needs.

Attachmate Consulting allows you to implement solutions quickly and affordably. We have an outstanding performance record of meeting project commitments and timelines.

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